The Yoga School For Service believes in yoga's nature to examine with honesty, to build our capacity for resilience, and to develop resources to better understand and relate to each other. This training responds to society's reflection of our personal and collective lack of consciousness and integrity. As we become embodied, we utilize our awareness and sensitivity to actively contribute to our collective healing.


Our introductory 200-hour training lays the groundwork for teaching accessible and beneficial practices for individuals and communities. Each comprehensive module is crafted to resource, challenge and mobilize informed teachers into developing integrated and methods with which to responsibly engage. 


We met each other in our teacher training and quickly became friends and collaborators. Over the years, we began to observe unjust and risky patterns in the wellness realm that only became more apparent. As we trudged through implementing our passion for integrating yoga and service, we saw the need for this to be foundational in teacher training, leading to the development of The Yoga School For Service. 


Currently, we both serve the metro area with accessible yoga practices at local community centers, churches, a re-entry facility, and prison. We believe that implementing the principles of this practice can deeply impact people individually and collectively - contributing to a more connected and conscious community.